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If it’s just after tax season, this list will help you know what documents to keep an eye out for throughout the year and set aside. If your tax appointment is right around the corner, this list is a great resource to help you track down the right documents.

With all of the changes every year (and, of course, that’s especially true THIS year), filing your taxes on your own is not for the faint of heart. That’s even with nice-looking softwares on the market which purport to make it easy for you.

Tax Appointment Data

  • Personal Data
  • Financial Liabilities
  • Employment & Income Data
  • Automobiles
  • Health Insurance Information
  • Expenses
  • Homeowner/Renter Data
  • Self-Employment Data
  • Financial Assets
  • Deduction Documents
  • Credits

Personal Data

Social Security Numbers & DOB (including spouse and children) .
Child care provider tax I.D. / SSN and address.

Financial Liabilities

Auto loans and leases (account numbers and car value) if vehicle used for business.
Student loan interest paid: Form 1098-E.
Early withdrawal penalties on CDs and other fixed time deposits

Employment & Income Data

W-2 forms for this year.
Jury duty pay
Prizes and awards


Personal property tax information.
Department of Motor Vehicles fees (only if including sales or property tax).
Sales tax on purchase.

Health Insurance Information

All 1095-A Forms from marketplace providers (if you purchased insurance through a Marketplace).
Records of credits and/or advance payments received from the Premium Tax Credit (if claiming).


Education expenses (tuition and fees).
Child care expenses.
Adoption expenses.

Homeowner/Renter Data

Residential address(es) for this year.
Mortgage interest: Form 1098.
Real estate taxes paid.

Self-Employment Data

Estimated tax vouchers for the current year.
Self-employment income.
Self-employment SEP plans, Simple IRA.

Financial Assets

Proceeds from broker transactions: Form 1099-B.
Retirement plan distribution: Form 1099-R.
Capital gains or losses.

Deduction Documents

State and local income taxes.
IRA, Keogh and other retirement plan contributions.
Medical expenses.


Energy improvements.
Education expenses (tuition and fees): Form 1098-T.
Adoption expenses.

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